1 Brand Look - Maybelline

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Hi, guys..

Now I'm back with a makeup look using only 1 brand, Maybelline.
Some of the products are sponsored by @MaybellineINA (on Instagram and Twitter).

So, let's go..

OK gotta need new camera for sure. LOL
This is the 'before' picture


Setting Powder

'After' picture using base makeups above
Now, the decorative makeups

For eyebrows, I used this

The eyeshadow I used

The eyeliners

Lightest colour of eyeshadow all over the eyelid - brow bone

Pinkish on the eyelid

Grey-ish dark colour on the outter V and blend to the crease

Black gel eyeliner on the top

Purple and gold eyeliner on the bottom

Lippie just using nude colour to sweeten the look..

And blush using the peachy pink colour to soften my pale complexion.



See you on the next post, guys..
USCITA. Whooosh whooosh sanaaaa~ :)))