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Holla, makeup junkies..

Let me ask you something: "HOW MANY TIMES, you promise to yourself to not buy any cosmetics again after you've spent a month of your allowance/salary on it?"

As for me, the answer is, MANY MANY MAAANY TIMES!
H-E-L-P!  >_<

At first, I'm not much of a big spender on makeup.
I just bought the ones that I need..

Ever since I befriends with other makeup junkies, I became a makeup craver, even more after I joined FashioneseDaily's FOTD threads.   There's so much great products that were used by beauty enthusiasts in there, so I kinda bought some of their recommendation.


BUT, we can't play the blame game on this kinda addiction..

At least we have fun with the products we bought, yes?
If you don't, then you're doing it wrong..


SO, how do you guys n gals manage your finance on makeup then?

Well, you can take my path as your example.

Since January I've spent most of my allowance on my insurance police..

Then, think much bigger!
If you just spent those money you earn on makeup, then you got no purpose in life then.
Life isn't all about makeup!  Now I try to save as much as I can to travel around, or to just, you know, party on islands. LOL

Makeup is my passion, I enjoy doing makeup, and treasure every cosmetics that I bought since the past 3 years.
But you don't have to keep up with the latest trend in cosmetics just to feel up-to-date.
You can always follow the makeup trends, but not the cosmetics' trends.
We can create so much look from just one eyeshadow palette!
You don't need an orange or fuchsia lipstick just to feel more couture in your daily life..

Think about how many new foundations, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks that you've bought each season?
And for how long exactly you use those products? 3 times trial?
How many of those remain untouched since you brought it home from department store?

Just imagine it, those cosmetics you've bought each season cost at least a return ticket from Jakarta-Bali, or Jakarta-Singapore!

Not all of the reviews you read on your favorite bloggers are bought from their own money..
They got no problem just to review it, and make you crave for those (they're getting endorsed/paid for that, FYI).
I personally, am lazy to do makeup reviews.   >_<

But I am happily just to share my fave products on my twitter, my micro-blogging medium.

My point is you don't have to be 'consumed' by those advertisings, reviews, and raves on media.
Stick to what you believe is the best for your skin and financial.
Do not force something to fit in with you, but cry out loud after you bought them, or tried them out..


Here by, I, Endi Feng, to vow an unbroken vow to not purchase any makeup more than 20% of my monthly allowance every month!


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  1. gue sih emang nyediain budget sejumlah sekian/bulan, kl mau beli2 harus masuk dengan budget. Kalo udah abis, ya ga beli2. :)