#dandanYUK Make Up class - March

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On 2nd & 3rd March, I was tutoring a makeup class.  Here's the pictures of the 2 fun days..
Sorry for the late posting, girls.. >,<

Pictures taken with my pocket digicam. Don't know why, the colors are some vary than in real life. And I wish I can do some photoshop tricks and stuff, BUT I'M NOT! *crying out loud*  What you see, is what you get..

DAY 1 (2nd of March 2012)

me & @dianonno , photo by @mahandaridecky
me tutoring Eca, photo by @mahandaridecky

DAY 2 (3rd of March 2012)

Tamalia ( @februari11 )

Mada ( @beauty_onbudget )

Just so you know, tutors/facilitators are people who encourage you on how to do makeup. It's you, the only one who knows your face better than anyone. And style of someone's art which putted on your face maybe not satisfy your taste/style. Keep practicing and have the urge to learn more is what I can say now.  :-)

I hope you makeup junkies enjoy the class.. I was so happy to held an event like this! See y'all in the next class..