Pout Post: YSL Lipsticks

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Could you believe that I just had my first YSL lipsticks ever? YUP! 
I am so late into the high end brand lipsticks.

I was looking at expensive lipsticks as a waste of money, and lipsticks generally went stale after 12 months. Not really into hoarding lippie. But boy, oh, boy. I CAN'T! I JUST CAN'T!
Adell, Maina, and I are always updating about lipsticks on Twitter. And now we always ended up buy another new shade/brand of lipstick. *crickets sound*

OK. These YSL lipsticks are given to me by Padusee on Instagram[CLICK].
I am not doing a review here. I'll show why I love this high end brand in a video later.
But seriously, these new babies of mine really gave me life. Creamy, opaque colour payoff, glide easily, not dragging the lips at all, and the packaging is so elegant. Everybody have to at least own 1 YSL lipstick in the purse! HAHA.

Left: Rouge Volupte Shine no. 8 

Right: Rouge Pur Couture no. 66 

Rouge Pur Couture no. 66 

Rouge Volupte Shine no. 8 

For you, who want to get your paws on fancy cosmetics with lower prices than over-the-counter/retail prices in Jakarta, check out @PADUSEE on Instagram [click]. She sells lots of makeup, skincare, and another beauty related stuffs which she bought and shipped directly from the USA.
I will update another post about Padusee, and that will be my haul of shopping from her. And she often to have a FLASH SALE on Instagram as well! Selling makeups with really really affordable prices. Crazy!

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Event Report: #RollWithIndo Benefit Indonesia

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I know it's super late. Last month, I was invited by Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia for their Roller Lash mascara launching event.

Anyway, this is the answer for the mystery mascara for my blindtest last February! Read it HERE[click]. Check that link out for my first impression of this mascara. 

The event took place in ARTotel Thamrin Jakarta, the pioneer of psychedelic/contemporary artsy hotel in Jakarta. Love that place to the bit!

Ok, I was going with the one and only Stephanie Nangoi from www.diaryofaproductjunkie.com 
As always, we arrive earlier to the event. AND I love the vibe of the event already. So 60's! There are games stations, and cotton candy booth. OMG. We are spoiled!

Say ADIOS to eyelash curler!
Hook, and Roll!
Once you're hooked, there's no turning back. 
Cotton candy.. Yum~
the 2 in the middle, C'MERE! *sheeesh* HAHA.
The event began by us playing games at the game station.
After we played at the game station, Roller Lash mascara introduction by Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia's representatives. They dress them self up with 60's era attire. They are so cute! >_<

Middle: Daisy Utami, Brand GM of Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia.

OK, berikut aku lampirkan claim dari Benefit Cosmetics atas maskara revolusioner baru mereka: 

- Sikat maskara yang sedang didaftarkan untuk hak paten “HOOK ‘N’ ROLL BRUSH” dapat mengangkat, memisahkan, dan melentikkan bulu mata.

- Kandungan maskara dapat melentikkan secara instan untuk hasil mata yang tampak lebih besar selama 12 jam.

- Berdasarkan survey konsumen pada 31 wanita menyatakan bahwa 97% mengatakan bulu mata tampak lebih terangkat, 87% mengatakan kelentikan lebih bertahan lama, dan 94% mengatakan mata tampak lebih terbuka lebar dalam empat minggu 

  1. “Benefit Cosmetics San Francisco membentuk sebuah tim ahli untuk mencari sebuah solusi. Setelah menempuh banyak penelitian, akhirnya tim Benefit Cosmetics membuat sebuah inovasi pada sikat maskara Roller Lash yang dapat menggulung dan mengangkat bulu mata tanpa menggunakan penjepit bulu mata,” ujar Daisy Utami, Brand GM Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia di Acara Peluncuran Roller Lash Mascara di Artotel, Jakarta. 

After the mascara introduction, there was a testimonial session with beauty bloggers/influencers on social media.

They shared about their experience with the blind test of this brand new, Hook n Roll patent pending mascara wand!

Ms. Daisy, Sophie, Milly, Suhay, Endi, Doggie with rollers on.
Another fun games! Look at Fweegie's happy face! >,<

OK. After that, the event was a blur for me. I was in a rush to leave for my friend's birthday dinner. I had fun, my friends had fun, and I really grateful for Benefit Cosmetics for the invitation. And little did I know, this is not my last event with Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia!
Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia threw a fun, & playful event. LOVE IT! Stay tuned for more.

Endi Feng


Event Report: Make Up For Ever 175 Artist Shadow Collection

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Last week, I was invited by Make Up For Ever(MUFE) Indonesia to attend the pre-launch of their 175 Artist Shadow Collection. This was a blogger only event. I met lots of new faces, and my fellow beauty bloggers.

Artist Shadow merupakan eyeshadow formula baru dari MUFE. Diciptakan oleh Dany Sanz di 30 tahun berdirinya MUFE, dengan pengembangan dari formula eyeshadow MUFE yang lama. Artist Shadow ini hanya menggunakan pigmen yang sangat halus, berkilau, dan juga ada beberapa finish yang berbeda. Diciptakan 210 warna, akan tetapi di Indonesia hanya diluncurkan sebanyak 175 warna saja.

Berikut saya kutip claim MUFE atas eyeshadow terbaru mereka:
" Dengan formula terbaik yang saat ini ada, Artist Shadow memiliki pigmen yang sangat tinggi sehingga membuat warna yang dihasilkan lebih intens dibanding produk eye shadow lain.  
Artist Shadow memiliki kandungan pigmen warna hingga 88% dan kandungan mother-of-pearl hingga 50% (tergantung dari efek finishing masing- masing produk). Hal ini dimungkinkan karena teknologi yang disebut “Pigment Atomization” yaitu menghancurkan pigment warna dan menjadikan ukuran partikelnya jauh lebih kecil.
MAKE UP FOR EVER juga menggunakan “water- blend technology” dalam Artist Shadow yang membuatnya memiliki tesktur “gel powder”. Teknologi unik ini menggunakan air dalam proses pencampuran-nya sehingga mampu menyatukan formula yang ada dengan dua kali kekuatan pengikatan dibandingkan dengan tekstur eye shadow klasik yang ada. Hasilnya tentu saja membuat Artist Shadow sangat mudah dibaur dan diaplikasikan serta tahan lama. "

- MATTE (43 warna): Efek Matte sama sekali tidak mengandung mother-of-pearl, tetapi menonjokan kehalusan kandungan pigment warna-nya.

- SATINY (33 warna): Efek Satiny mengandung hingga 45% mother-of-pearl berukuran ultra halus, sehingga menampakkan sedikit kilau.
- METAL (28 warna): Efek Metal mengkombinasikan hingga 45% mother-of-pearl, dan sedikit pigment warna hitam, sehingga memberikan hasil warna yang seperti efek bunglon.
- IRIDESCENT (43 warna): Efek Iridescent mengandung 45% mother-of-pearl berukuran medium sehingga kilaunya tampak lebih jelas.
- DIAMOND (28 warna): Efek Diamond mengandung hingga 50% mother-of-pearl berukuran besar, sehingga efek glitter-nya tampak sangat bercahaya.

I was so happy with their new formula. Less chalky, more pigments, and wider colour range.
And, I was given a Trio empty Artist Palette, with 3 Artist Shadows of my choices! YAY!

Goodies from MUFE Indonesia
M-548: Matte Gris Rose 
ME-930: Metal Violet Noir
I-824: Iridescent Ocre Rose
I will put them into good use. They are so pretty, intensely pigmented, and easy to blend.
For an empty Artist Palette: Rp 75.000,-
For an Artist Shadow: Rp 220.000,-

Endi Feng