Estee Lauder Indonesia - The Newest Store Concept

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Hi, everyone..

Last Saturday, February 15th, I was invited by Estee Lauder Indonesia to visit their new store in LOTTE Shopping Evenue, Jakarta.

The consultation counter

I did notice the changes in this store, compared to the old one's in Plaza Senayan. It's more brighter[bold, & elegant], more spacious looking with clean choices of colour palette[core gold, silver mirror surface, unique motif], and placement of counters.
It has a sense of beauty, modernity, quality, and confidence in them design.

Why changed the concept?
Estee Lauder International wants to strive the concept of "High Touch" innovations to meet their customers' ever changing needs.
"High Touch" is a service model that deliver true fit, and value to customers. 

This concept was invented by Mrs. Estee Lauder herself over 60 years ago, she believe that women should touch, and experience her products first hand.

By this method of approach, Mrs. Lauder instinctively knew that her personal interaction, instruction, & connection would create a lasting bond.

The makeup demo counter/stage

Estee Lauder's brand philosophy is "EVERY WOMEN CAN BE BEAUTIFUL".
It's a very powerful words, I think. It's reflected on products, and service that Estee Lauder offers. They use the best ingredients, latest tech to create the most exciting products, even they got secret ingredient that truly distinguished them.

The design of the interior is very unique! It has 360-degrees testers all around to discover, and play freely.
I every corner, aspiring quality fixture definitions are developed to visually, and emotionally customers with our diverse range of products.

Full Skincare Regime tester bar

Re-Nutriv line is the most popular age defying line of Estee Lauder

Color, and complexion bar

I experienced the new tech of iMatch device too! It's a tool to match your skintone to their complexion products digitally.

me with the BA, and iMatch device

It was placed on my forehead, cheek, and chin, so that if there's any discoloration between those 3 major areas, iMatch can find the perfect match for you!
Amazing, yes?
I got Tawny result for the DoubleWear Liquid foundation's shade. ^^

Parfume tester bar

The Lounge

Limited Edition beauty package!
Only for Rp 1,700,000.-

A corner full of travel sizes

Not only Estee Lauder upgrade their appearance of the store, but they unveil ultrachic uniforms, custom made & created by Opening Ceremony!
Opening Ceremony is Manhattan's hippest fashion retailer.
The founders of Opening Ceremony, Carol Lim & Humberto Leon, explained that it was an action to updating the Beauty Advisors' look.
"It's the same girl, but she's kind of grown up, and become a little more modern", said the duo.

The moodboard by Opening Ceremony for Estee Lauder

The textured jacquard hand picked by Opening Ceremony designers

The colour swatches for the new uniforms

Opening Ceremony for Estee Lauder

Peplum blouse, pleated skirt, slim pant, and blazer. It captures a modern take on retro uniforms (similar to the amazing retro airline uniforms).
LOOOVE the skirt. If it comes in my size, I would buy it!

Wenny, Iva, and me

with fellow Indonesia Beauty Bloggers

Visit the new Estee Lauder store to meet BAs with the brand new uniform, and to try out their iMatch device! I promise you, you won't regret it!

What do you think about the new store concept, and the new BAs' uniform?



SMASHBOX Photo Finish Oil-Free Foundation Primer

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Hi, guys.. 

I'm back with another sponsored product review.
I'm not getting paid to write this review, nor an affiliate of the brand.
It's just a makeup junkie's honest opinion..

SMASHBOX Photo Finish Oil-Free Foundation Primer.

Travel Size, 12 ml
I got mine from MOPORIE.COM
The owner is a mom, friendly, and giving samples if you mention ENDIFENG to her.
She often open PRE-ORDER US brands of cosmetic!
So, visit her forum MOPORIE FORUM to place your order..

On Moporie, it's sold at Rp 230,000.- (18 USD) for 12ml of product.

The texture
Its texture is gel-ish. Transparant, and glide on skin smoothly!

Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Trisiloxane, Silica, Dimethicone, Ethylhexyl, Salicylate, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Safflower Seed Extract, Propylene Glycol, Aqua, Grape Seed Extract, Kola Seed Extract, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract.

So, it's silicone based foundation primer. Bare in mind, if you're allergic to silicone, avoid this product at any cost!
Its shelf life is for 24 months.

I'm in LOVE with this product. Working great on my oily combination. It keeps my foundation stay on my face for almost all day long! Even after I blot my sweat using tissue paper.

The directions that shown in the back of the product packaging says that use only pea size of product onto moisturized skin.

Freshly applied, at 08:49 in the morning

I love this primer where it prepare my face, so my foundation glide on like a dream!
And also, fill in my pores, make my face looking photoready!
Those collaged pictures above are taken in my bedroom, dimlight.
Still looking great without any overshine, yes?
I'm using a dewy finish, medium coverage foundation only, and set with NOTHING!

Afternoon, 14:36

At work, the light is bright, and some rays of sunshine on my left side.
As you can see, the foundation still attached on my skin, perfectly.
The only changes I notice is slight oily areas on my nose, and cheeks.
My foundation around the nose faded away, but not by much.

Night, 20:10

Ok. Here's a selfie I snapped at the end of the day, before I'm going home after working all day.
My complexion still looking good, but with oil overload. LOL
Well, it's 12 hours already!
And I can fix the overshine by blotting with tissue paper after spraying Evian facial spray, and dust some face powder on them.

This is the end of my review.
Will I stock up when I ran out of it?
Maybe.. IN FULL SIZE! Hahaha..

So, what's your fave face/foundation primer, guys?
Tell me! Tweet me, or leave a comment..



Me and

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Hi, girls..

Happy valentine's day!

As you know, Female Daily has updated their look. Go check them out 

Here are some of my makeup tips and tricks videos on Female Daily Youtube channel


AND, I will be tutoring LIVE at Female Daily Headquarter in Kemang, South Jakarta.

For registration, and details, please go to

Join in the fun, and see you there, pretties!



Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

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Hi, everyone!

Been very busy with works, and school in January. Didn't post any update lately.. But I'm back now! ^^,


I'm gonna give you an easy peasy makeup tutorial for Valentine's day.
Actually, you can do it for any occasion, really.
Valentine's day is approching, so why not? Teehee..

First, prep your skin.
Because I got dry skin lately, I skip mattifying face primer, and stick to my usual skincare routine(toner, serum, moisturizer).

Even out skintone or any discoloration on the face using my mattifying liquid foundation, I don't cover up some of my flaws, like dark spots. I think it's what make you look attractive, flaws make us look like ourselves. LOL
Shu Uemura Face Architect #764

Brighten up under eyes, cover up eyebags, make sure we look awake/fresh when we're having a date! 
Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener in Med-Dark Bisque.

Whip on you highlighter! A touch of highlighter that contain fine milled/size of shimmerings help you shine bright on photo, in a good way though. If you decided to put on powder highlighter, you better do it after you set your foundation using powder, or it'll become blotchy. NG! Not good..
Apply it on your forehead, brow bone, just up your eyebrow, upper cheek bones, cupid bows, and chin if you have a short chin like mine.
Bobbi Brown Face Highlighter Pen in Rose.

See my face shining bright? Thanks to face highlighter! ^^
Start your makeup by framing the face, shape your eyebrows.
Lots of girls ask me of how to pluck/raze their eyebrow by their own. I don't reccomend it! Seek for a professional's help to do it! Not because of it could be an epic fail if it's done wrong, but makeup is about enhancing one's facial feature so when you see something wrong with it, then everything goes WAKWAW.. N-G!
Shu Uemura Hard Formula no. 9 serie 6.

To make your eyeshadow last longer, put on eyeshadow base first. I'm using a creamy eyeshadow pencil in a very sheer of champagne color. Apply it all over your lid, up until your eyebrows.
Because it's creamy eyeshadow, blend it quickly using finger before it sets.
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere.

Get your dark eyeshadow. Don't play it safe, black is boring! HAHA.
Grab your darkest eyeshadow beside black. I used the Navy one. In this tutorial, I only using 1 color of eyeshadow(2 if the eyeshadow base count :p).
Don't take it wrong. Using only one color of eyeshadow can be tricky. Because if you blend it wrong, all hell break loose! [think panda eyes/that boy in Sadako's movie]
Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Navy.

Because I have droopy eyes, I extend my eyeshadow blendings a lil bit longer, and bleeding it out-up to give it a lifted effect.
Then take your pencil eyeliner, define your eyes. Don't forget to rim your waterline too. I swear, it'll make your eyes 'pop' more.
Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil in Rockstar.

When in doubt, pinkish lips is the best choice!
Besides, plumpy pinkish lips or any other nudey color will make your lips look fuller, AND kissable. Gyaaa~ I know..
NYX soft matte lip cream in Istanbul.
Etude House Dear My Crystal Gloss 002.

Make your date focus on your eyes, and your lips.
So you don't have to slap on bright color of blusher. I use rosey lip & cheek tint just to flush up my complexion.
Be patient when you blend the eyeshadow, and when you apply your lippies.
 A good eye makeup, and a pair of lustful looking lips are the KEY for a romantic date. LOL.. JK!
For me, a good eye makeup, and a perfect lippies give power to those who sport it, effortlessly. So...
Benefit Benetint.

I always tend to use my mascara when I'm about to finish off my makeup.
It's my personal preference, I think.
I use this long mascara for the first time. Not impressed much by it.
I prefer a volumizing, and lengthening, with a formula that can hold up curls for a long time.
Dollywink Long Mascara.

Set your foundation, and any other liquid/cream product using powder.
Before I set it using my cake powder, I blot my face using blotting paper. So the face won't appear oily after powdering.
Maybelline Clear Smooth BBsilk cake powder in Natural.

Last but not least, define and lift up my chubby cheeks using a sculpting blush.
I choose that copperish peach. Apply it lightly on the lower cheekbones, from the ears, stop when reach under the outer corner of the eyes.
Coastal Scent 10 Blush Palette.

You are done! Well, not really. You gotta style your hair~
But I got no long hair.
I always quiff up my short hair for an important date.
OR put on some wigs, and choose that suit you well..

I like the middle one, the dirty blonde color. ^^
Which one you like most? TELL ME! :D


I hope it helps you girls who are still confused what to do with your makeup on Valentine's day or your date.
See you on the next post..