Hair Care Products (circa October - Now)

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First of all,   MERRY CHRISTMAS...!

Merry Christmas!
I hope you had a happy one.. :-D

OK, now I wanna share what products I've been using since I dyed my hair..
Not to mention my weaken hair after I bleached them once per two weeks, just so I can sport a real blonde head.  LOL  (and also to support my role in a musical that I currently still rehearsing!)

clockwise: 1)TheBodyShop Rain Forest Shampoo & Conditioner for colored hair,  2)L'Oreal Color Vive Protecting Shampoo & Daily Rinse-Out Treatment,  3)Elastine Advanced Intensive Damage Care Treatment with Shea Butter,  4)TheBodyShop Rain Forest Hair Detangling Spray,  5)Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum

1)  The Body Shop Rain Forest Shampoo & Conditioner for Colored Hair

This shampoo is kinda pain in the ass for the early 2 weeks since I tried it out.. WHY?
Well, its formulation is silicone-free, sulphate-free, colorant-free, and paraben-free.
Without silicone, my hair tangled like it's been glued together when I'm washing it.. And yes, it doesn't have the "after salon treatment" feel because of the silicone-free formula. Go figure~
Without sulphate, my hair and scalp feel like not being washed properly, because it didn't produce foam like those shampoo with sulphate. But actually, it's cleaned already!
And because for all these time I've been using shampoo/conditioner/hair products with silicone(or well known as dimethicone), my hair and scalp have to manage so hard to fit in with this product.
For the early 2 weeks, my scalp became itchy, and produced dandruff.
The SUNNY side of this product: limp[lepek]-free, and greasy-free hair for almost 48hours!!  The sulphate-free formula also benefit the colored hair, because it lessen the fading process.


2) L'Oreal Color Vive Protecting Shampoo and Daily Rinse-Out Treatment

It's my shampoo since the first time I dyed my hair.  And because the silicone-free hair product that I have(which now I'm using as clarifying shampoo, 5 days a week) doesn't give the silky smooth effect, it's my resort to comfort my ego to achieve shiny, detangled, and silky hair. >_<
The Daily Rinse-Out Treatment works like magic!  It deeply condition, and effectively detangle the hair.. Just remember, always work just on the hair, avoid the scalp because it can cause the hair grease, and look limp in less than 12 hours! Trust me..


3) Elastine Advanced Intensive Damage Care Treatment with Shea Butter

I got this hair butter from Stella Lee.  She bought it from her trip in Korea.
I gotta tell you, when I got it from Stella, I was like, ajksjdl?!
I don't understand Korean! LOL  the instruction, and stuff are in Korean.  Yes, I can read them, but I can't understand it. [ooh, look a dumb-blonde guy alert!]   >_<
BUT, this stuff, this hair butter, really really help me after the bleaching process..  It makes the hair less crisp, and manageable.  And also, smelling nice!
Again, avoid the scalp when using hair butter, or any deep conditioning hair products, it can cause acnes on the scalp, even worse, dandruff. Yike~


4) The Body Shop Rain Forest Hair Detangling Spray

Remember the shampoo that feels like gluing my hair together when washing?
Here's the remedy after the cleansing fiasco..
Just spray it on cleaned dry hair, and comb it.  Although it has the same scent with the shampoo, sometimes the smell of this spray bother me. EEEK~


5) Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum

This is my second Korean hair product..  I've fallen in love with Etude House after Dara 2NE1 became the brand icon.  I love 2NE1..! [WHO DOESN'T, REALLY..?!]
I was looking for hair serum one day, and Etude House Indonesia was on sale, so I went into the booth.
On one stack of displays, there were hair products from hair bubble, hair essence, etc..
I choose the hair serum, and ask the BA if it's on sale too, and she said NO..
I was like, [screaming inside: BIIITCH!]  OH, OK, I want this one..  LOL
How can I not buy it when I've asked the price? [ceritanya gengsi bok!]
OK, it has a mild floral scent, and great to cover the hair ends to keep them soft, and also protect them from splitting..  
If you've been using hair serum, and still facing split-ends problems, you should start questioning your hair health, and seek for professional helps..
The DOWN side of this product: containing DIMETHICONE, so I have to be wise enough to spread it on my hair, otherwise I'll just gonna have a fluffy hair for like 10-14 hours before it became greasy.


That's it for now..


See you on the next post..



Hair Changes (NOV - DEC 2012)

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Hi fellas..

As you who are following my tweets (@endi_feng) or my instagram, you may have known that I changed my hair color lately.
Not that I'm obsessed to be blonde or something, but I just wanna experience how to sport a blonde head, and maintain it for at least 3-4 months in a row.  >_<   And yes, those K-pop stars are really gotten into my head! I want to channeling my alter ego as one of them. *ROFL~ YOU WISH, ENDI..!*

Hair Transformation

As seen on photo above, I still got that tacky faded brown hair on early of November.

The next week, I went to Shinjuku Premium salon to change my hair.

Hair changes on 11th of November
At first, I just want an ombre hair color, which I just wanna bleach the ends of hair, and lighten the whole hair color as caramel brown or some color that is more appealing than the previous tacky color.
BUT, one of the stylist did a bit of mistake.  He bleach my whole hair(but not the root, as I requested not to color until the root, because I don't want to burn my scalp again).

I think because he thought that I'm being friend with Stella Lee, he then took it as I want to be a blonde boy as well!  LOL  Every time I went to Shinjuku, they always address me as Stella's friend, and asked me: "where did Stella go? Why she didn't go to Shinjuku anymore?"..
I choked, and just replied, "I don't know.. Haven't seen her in a long time.."

Yes, I know she had a bad experience with Shinjuku salon.
But despite of the crucial mistake they did on Stella, I still recommend this salon to my tweefellas.
Their services are better than the last time I went there.  And whenever I went there on weekend (as I did my hair changes since November), the salon was always full.
Mr. Audid still doing a great job cutting my hair. And he's still my 'top of the list'  hair dresser that I can trust to do a hair-makeover on me.  Lots of my guy friend are not willingly to spend their money on hair cut.
But when my hair was done by Mr. Audid, I can sport the same hair shape (well, it grows longer eventually, but still in the similar shape) for like 2-3 months!

OK, back on track..
After the stylist bleached my hair, I was shocked!  My hair is so yellow!
And I like it!  LOL
Then he proceed to lighten my whole head to the root, as my root is still black.
After the procedures, I became a bleached blonde boy..
I'm so happy, and literally humming 'Fantastic Baby' by BigBang on my way home from the salon.


Hair Changes on 1st of December
On 1st of December, I went back to Shinjuku salon to fix my hi-lights.
Hi-lights on the hair create the dimension to make my hair looks more fluffy, and illuminating..


Hair Changes on 15th of December
And last weekend, I went back to Shinjuku to get my hair cut.
It was done by Mr. Audid himself (the Shinjuku salon owner).  And I really like the result.
It's a bit awkward, and quirky, but at the same time I know it won't need extra effort to look great (no need hot iron to straighten/curl the hair, or specific hair products).

cam-whoring :P

For you who are afraid to change your hair style, DON'T BE!
Our hair is like our CROWN in our empire-less life, we create our own crown.
We're the prince/princess of our own life.  So, you know, embrace your unique style..
We don't have to follow trends, contemplate with your imaginations to be your only trend.

So, see you on the next post?



I Challenge You! #SEPHIA

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Hi makeup enthusiasts!

I was throwing a makeup challenge on Twitter since 28th of November until 15th of December 2012..
And I was skeptical about this challenge, as I thought no one will be participating.
But my tweefellas proved me wrong!

They're excited, and accepted my challenge.  :'3


As you can see, those makeup are my previous works.
I just added the Sephia tone on them.

See the challenge?
We have to cleverly contour the face, and do the eye makeup more dramatic to get the sensation of this challenge. HAHA
In this #SEPHIA theme makeup challenge, colors don't matter.
Just the intensity of color, hi-lights, and shadings that matter.
Looks pretty easy, yes? But, can you do it?

AAAND, here's the participants' submissions!

@cellaroberta  (well, not as Sephia as I thought. But hat dove to the Sephia tone eyeshadow!)

WOW!  So many pretty tweefellas join my makeup challenge!
I'm so grateful.. :')

If, you wanna join this makeup challenge, here's the dealio:
1)  Follow my twitter account ,
2) Post your themed makeup photo(s) on twitter,
3) After your caption, please put on hashtag #(the makeup challenge theme) so it can be easily searched by me or the others, i.e. #SEPHIA
4) Don't forget to mention me, @endi_feng, in your photo tweet(s).

Easy, right?
You can submit your photo more than one!

For next challenge, THERE WILL BE A PRIZE for my most fave submission!
And the prize will not be told on my twitter, nor my blog, until the winner received it.
The prize will be the clue for the next makeup challenge's theme..
So, you can use it to do the next makeup challenge.  YAYYY!

Also, the makeup challenge winner will be featured on my blog, as in interview, or as I recreate the submission (of course with the winner's permission, and the idea is totally credited to him/her).



For the next makeup challenge (17th-29th of December 2012), the theme is:

Missoni Spring-Summer 2012
  • Bare eyelashes. It means no colored mascara! Wait, we can cheat by applying only 1 coat of mascara, and brush it with lash brush. TEEHEE! :P
  • Flawless, and Healthy complexion. It needs time for us to really pay attention in blending the foundation on our face. And also a great practice to use concealer. If you have something like shimmer/hi-lighter, use it on the high/pointed out face areas(nose, forehead, apples of the cheeks, cupid bow, chin). LET'S REDO OUR DAILY ROUTINE MAKEUP!
  • Defined Eyebrows. For you who are lazy to define your eyebrows, lemme tell you this: IT'S CRUCIAL TO LOOK MORE YOUTHFUL!
  • Moisturized Lips. Swipe your fave lip care as the finish touch..

Looks like a piece of cake, yes?

But can you find the right complexion for yourself?




OMG ( Ooh, Maybelline Gathering)!

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HI there!  Long time no see..
Today I wanna share about my weekend escapade.


On 14th of December 2012, I was attending Beauty Blogger Gathering..
When I received their invitation, they stated there will be a makeup-playing session, therefore I was so excited!

Well, you had me at Maybelline already, because it's the first makeup that I owned since high school.
Until now, I'm still using maybelline products in my daily makeup routine, or in my freelance makeup artist career(especially their mascaras, eyes & lips makeup remover, and baby lips!).

The day when the event was hosted, it's on friday evening, and  it was just raining. Imagine Jakarta's traffic at that kinda time!
It still gave me chills even just for imagining it.  At last, I decided to take ojek(motorcycle taxi?) to the venue, Commune Cafe, which is in Senopati area.
When I arrived at Commune Cafe(with my messed-up self after the ojek ride >_< ), I was greeted by Medina, Angela, Cynthia, and Dila. They are the pretties as representatives.

After freshen up myself at the rest room, I chatted with Medina, and Angela about OMG(Ooh, Maybelline Gathering).
The OMG will be so exciting!
For all this time, we know about Maybelline as an affordable drugstore makeup, right?
And people tend to use Maybelline products in their daily makeup routine.
Even more after Sherina Munaf being Maybelline Indonesia's icon!

I've known that L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani was using Maybelline as the makeup partner for their runway show. So, by hosting this event, Maybelline want to let us know that their make up can be dramatic also.. 

Oh, by the way, the tagline of the day was "LET THE EYES SPEAK".

Me and the masque name tag

Then, Stella Lee came!  I gotta meet my sister again, since like last 2 months.. :')

Stella and I camwhoring LOL (photo by Stella Lee)

Eventually, everybody's kinda coming late due to the traffic, but then the event began..
I met Mitzy, she's DA BOSS in @MaybellineINA as we can say. LOL

Me and Mitzy (photo by Stella Lee)

We, bloggers, were stuffed with a pandora box in front of us! SWAG!

OK, OK.. I heard y'all, it's capital MASCARA exclamation mark!

The pandora box

I know, you are prolly drooling over the mascaras they gave us. SO generous! WOW!

And, since I knew we will be playing with makeup, I brought my own brushes. HAHA
Then we did the makeup on our eyes.. I went crazy with it.
I did a subtle cat eye on the right, and bold cat eyes on the left..
I didn't know that the makeup applique was a 'contest', but I came up as the winner. >_<

And, before we go go, Stella and I got a chance to do the eye makeup for
I did her left eye, while Stella did her right eye. Dunno how, we both did the eye makeup like we were dancing, Stella and I can read each other's mind! Hyaaa~

Me, Dila, and Stella (photo by Dila Karinta)

Since 2009(the year I discovered makeup/beauty world), I have been using various of Maybelline mascara. Since it's great, and affordable.

My most favorite is the Cat Eye mascara.